Monday, November 8, 2010

crazy crazy crazy

i know. you were so forlorn because you thought i'd abandoned you. things have been busy as usual in the viggiano household, but i thought i'd shoot you a few updates until i have more time next week to expound on one terribly interesting topic or another.

the birthdays
we are lucky enough to have 3 of the 4 members of this family celebrate their birthday's within a 2 week span. maya turned 3 in mid-october,

jim and lily celebrated both birthdays on november 2nd.

of course, lily had to have a little costume party on halloween with her pals,

then the family came over. i may have mentioned her extremely specific request that she have a chocolate cake with white frosting and pink roses for her birthday. she'd been asking for this for 3 months. i even watched stupid youtube videos about how to make frosting roses (okay, so they came out looking like peonies... i didn't say i mastered it!).

i made the entire business from scratch of course, only to have the monkey eat her ice cream and then get up from the table claiming that she didn't like the cake or the flowers. heart breaker. their parties were fun, they were gracious and thankful for their gifts and now it's all behind us. sigh. time goes so fast. i still get choked up some mornings when she marches her little body through the school house door all by herself. :-(

in other age related child rearing news, the diaper pail has been placed at the curb!!! hallelujah! Lord, don't get any funny ideas, that IUD is staying in place until it's time for menopause. no more diapers for this mama to change, thankyouverymuch. maya was potty trained inside of 4 days. HOW? you may ask. mamas, here's a tip for you: don't mess around with trying to teach your 18 month old how to use the toilet, you'll just be banging your head against the wall. i recommend this 2 fold approach: wait til they are damn good and ready, and blame it on the rules. (this works for binky weening, big girls beds, diapers, vegetables - you name it.) you simply tell them that "3 year olds (or 2 or 4 or whatever) don't do X." with an apologetic shrug. like: you didn't make the rules, someone else did and they must be followed, that's just the way it is. kids are surprisingly responsive to it. on monday i told maya that her birthday was thursday and that "3 years olds don't wear diapers", with my little shrug, "we have to practice." so i put her in underwear. she went through every piece of clothing she owned that day. the next day she had 3 accidents. the following, 1. by her birthday she was dry all day. and many nights she is dry all night as well. no more diaper pail! no more diaper bag! no hauling sippy cups and snacks and outfit changes and wipes etc all over town with me!! we can just go places. coat, shoes - and out the door! so awesome!!

speaking of going places..
my big sister is getting married this week. in arkansas. yes, i said arkansas. no - she doesn't live there, steve was raised there. (this is in answer to the 2 questions i keep getting about this wedding.) so on thursday my clan, my folks and my co-maid of honor; ms. katie, are driving to buffalo, boarding a plane, changing planes, landing in little rock and driving 2 hrs to eldorado, ar. when i inquired of what there is to do in eldorado i was told that, "watching the grass grow" was a favorite pastime. hmm. okay, no boutique shopping, no big museums, no civil war recreation or festival or other folksy local thing. but, don't despair! when you are a runner, there is always recreation to be had. (and built in baby sitters who are bored stiff and need something to do in the next hotel room :-) ) luckily it is tres warm in arkansas still - in the 70s this week. so this AM, at 28 frosty degrees i was driving lily to school imagining pulling the shorts and tank back out and seeing eldorado on foot with my mister by my side. sweeeet. wedding business aside - it'll be fun to get away. though i am looking forward to meeting steve's family and being part of this day. of course the girls have big poufy dresses and satin slippers and crowns and all that and they are beyond excited to go on a plane. i love my sister, and she deserves to be married to such a fantastic guy. and i am actually excited to do this girly right of passage (being in a wedding party) for what will likely be the last time, and standing by wendy's side.

fat ass
for the uninitiated, i am not talking about the size of my rear. a fat ass run, in the ultra world, is a group fun run. sometimes competitive, sometimes not - but just a way for a bunch of folks to get together for some fun and go a bit longer than you'd go in training. jim and i hatched this idea of a run in seneca park on my favorite (pretty easy!) trails in december. yea, trails in december is a dice roll, but i have a good feeling about it.
in researching seneca park a bit more i discovered that at the turn of the century, when frederick law olmsted took on the task of designing this park and digging my beloved trout lake (home of Mind The Ducks), this park already had a lot of history. seneca park, obviously named for the seneca indians, was once exclusively their territory and the trails that are in use to this day were cut by their moccasins. the trails have new names now, but for half a century were known as the indian trail, presumably after the senecas had been pushed out, rounded up or marginalized.

painted postcard of the old indian trail from turn of the 20th century. this spot on the trail is still clearly identifiable

the trail runs bridge to bridge from st. paul blvd to thomas avenue and hugs the genessee river gorge - offering lots of water views as well as some waterfalls and other scenic vistas.

a picture postcard of one of seneca's bridges from the late 60s

it is it's prettiest in the summer and fall, but i am hopeful that the sparseness of the winter landscape has something beautiful to offer as well. if you are interested in the 50k or 50 mile, shoot me an email at: shelley at mtd12hour dot org.

okay, that is it for now folks: arkansas in a few days, parent teacher conferences and gymnastics classes begin upon our return! hope your weekend comes quick.


Ewa said...

Happy b-day to all the b-day family members and big pat on the back for you that you survived what must have been a lot of work.
That trail sounds very cool but why does it have to be so far from CA?

ShellBell said...

Happy Birthday to all!

What a pretty trail. Have a great time in Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

mmm cake (Liz f)

Jonathan Hoyle said...

Potty Training: It's true. it'll come when the child is ready. But it will come. I remember freaking out thinking Nora will never get trained ... she'll be a feral child in high school, still peeing herself and social services placing us behind bars. All because I put too much stock in stories of friends whose kids were potty trained at 18 months. It's no big deal. Every child is different, and it will happen in his or her own time.

Katie Kift said...

happy Birthday guys... It sounds like your family is similar to ours. We have 4 family birthdays in 12 days.. In fact D's birthday is the day after mine. My mum used to HATE it! As they were straight after Christmas!

Have a great time and enjoy your runs.