Monday, October 1, 2012

Commercial Break for Runners

Every once in a while in life you get lucky. I got really lucky when my sister lost her job, causing me to lose my job of watching her baby three days a week. This forced me to think about what I could do with my time when the kids were in school (besides bake totally bitchin desserts and have a cleaner house). As you know,  I screwed up my courage and started hiring out my services as a writer. Since I got lucky and have had a successful first 6 months as a part-time freelance writer, I want to share some of the awesomeness with you. So, if you are a runner and use an iphone - today is your lucky day!

One of the companies I write for, Sociercise, has developed this really innovative app. It does the normal stuff you'd think it should, by replacing your GPS watch and your mileage tracking program. But it does something else really revolutionary - it allows you to race in real time against someone else using the app. Even on a treadmill! And that is where you come in. Sociercise is looking for beta-testers who use a treadmill to test the app for functionality, and your reward, once all the little buggies are worked out, is to be one of the first people to receive the fully featured app for free! Sweet deal. You are running anyhow - so why not help this great little company get off the ground and get this really neat app up and running?

Picture it - I could race my runNY pal, who lives in Buffalo, live! I could be on the old dreadmill and she could be running circles in the park. That's pretty sweet - sort of a human virtual training partner. If this sounds interesting to you, you can sign up by visiting

Happy testing iphone runners!

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